Security Incidents

May Hacks

1. LEVEL FinanceMay 2, 2023:  A smart contract vulnerability in Level Finance led to an exploit, causing a loss of approximately $1.1 million. The contract had an incorrect configuration for calculating rewards, enabling multiple referral claims within the same epoch. …

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April Hacks

1. zkSync April 2, 2023:  As per the official announcement, the zkSync team has explained the reason behind the service interruption through a Twitter post. The downtime was caused by a failure in the block queue database, which resulted in …

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February Hacks Report

Total hacks in Feb: 29.
This shows the importance of security assessment, audit, code review, and of course, INSURACE.
There are also several types of other risks exposed such as price manipulation, oracle failures, private key/wallet compromise, rug pull, phishing attack, etc. 

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