Meme contest winners

InsurAce Meme Contest — updated with winners.


Meme contests for tokens

1st prize 100 INSUR tokens

2nd 50 INSUR tokens

3rd 25 INSUR tokens

4th — 10th : 10 INSUR tokens (6 winners)

Bonus prize: Meme with the biggest engagement (likes, retweets, shares) will be rewarded with 200 INSUR tokens. (Must be a valid entry with a meme that makes sense, bots use will result in disqualification).

Bonus prize 2: Best in each foreign language that we have an official community group for (Chinese, LATAM, Turkish, Vietnamese, CIS, Arabic, Korean): 15 tokens

How to Enter

  1. Follow @insur_ace on twitter
  2. Find an image to use as a meme, or make one yourself (we love this).
  3. Think of a funny text for the InsurAce community.
  4. Tweet your meme on your Twitter account:
  • tag @insur_ace, and
  • use the hashtag #INSUR
  • Tag 3 friends

Please don’t forget to send your submission to , Submit your twitter username, Telegram handle (username) and your meme for registration and verification. Please use the subject title: “InsurAce meme competition entry”.

Meme requirements:

  1. The meme must not contain any links.
  2. Every participant can submit 1 meme, so make it count! Multiple entries will not be reviewed.
  3. No NSFW memes, keep it family-friendly.
  4. InsurAce Protocol is not responsible for any copyright issues, the owner is responsible for not infringing any copyright.

Picking the winners:

The InsurAce team will, together with the community managers, choose winners based on the originality, sense of humour, and quality of the meme. No members of the team or their families will be eligible for these prizes. It is exclusively open to our community.

Make sure you promote your submission to all your friends to increase your chances of winning!

The deadline for submissions is 18:00 EST 30–05

We wish you all luck but more importantly, a lot of fun making the memes for this competition! The team tried their best and came up with some memes for you guys to enjoy. We are sure you guys can come up with better memes 😉


It was very difficult to pick winners as the level of the competition was very high. We think we have chosen correctly and have picked the best entries.

Winners can receive their prize by sending us a DM on Twitter with their wallet address. Payment will be made as soon as all addresses are received.

We want to thank everyone for their entries and we look forward to more competitions in the future.

1st Place: 100 INSUR tokens

300 marching

2nd Place: 50 INSUR Tokens

Oliver Diamond Hands

3rd Place: 25 INSUR Tokens

Rock & young girl

4th Place: 10 INSUR Tokens

Childish Gambino

5th Place: 10 INSUR Tokens

Saving private Ryan

6th Place: 10 INSUR Tokens


7th Place: 10 INSUR Tokens


8th Place: 10 INSUR Tokens

Jose Mourinho

9th Place: 10 INSUR Tokens

Rock Insur Bag

10th Place: 10 INSUR Tokens


Bonus points for other entries we liked: 5 tokens

Walking through the streets

Bonus 2: 5 tokens

Insur Box Video

Best in the foreign community: 15 tokens

Engagement Rewards

We had originally allocated 200 tokens towards the entries with the most engagement. However, upon review, we have seen that many bots and manipulations were used to promote entries that were not of very high quality, and did not take the competition seriously or fairly. As it is very difficult to distinguish between these manipulations and real entries. And the engagement still promotes InsurAce. We have decided to reward the top 6 of these entries with 20 INSUR tokens each. The winners are:

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