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InsurAce Marketing Plan info for our community:

10th May 2021. By Dan Thomson

To our community,

Here is a summary (from our 25 page Marketing Plan!) of our exciting plans for our marketing efforts over the next few months. If you have any queries, ideas, or suggested partnerships, please feel free to email me at I hope you like what we’ve come up with, we believe it will create a big buzz around InsurAce and help us to bring in new partners and inevitably drive the price of the $INSUR token.


Dan Thomson, Director of Business Development & Marketing

InsurAce Marketing update for our Community

Our Core Marketing Campaigns

We have identified our advantages, USPs, and therefore our core campaign points:

  • “0” Premium
  • Portfolio-based insurance for up to 60% savings, and 50% savings on gas fees compared to Nexus Mutual
  • No KYC
  • Capital Mining with reliable and sustainable returns
  • We will be positioning ourselves and our founder, Oliver as the industry expert on DeFi insurance which will attract blogs, podcasts, videos, interviews, AMAs, and press articles.

Market Research

  • $130bn locked in DeFi as of May 2021.
  • Less than 2% insured
  • $120 million lost in insurable hacks in 2020
  • $66 million lost in an insurable hack at EasyFi Network in April 2021 alone.
  • Limited competition on the market with insufficient liquidity and coverage.


We have developed a “brand bible” to keep designs, fonts, colours, and messaging consistent across all platforms.

Keywords & Hashtags

We have identified important keywords and hashtags that we will be focussing on to drive our SEO and advertising directly to our target market.


We have many products in the pipeline, such as support of more DeFi protocols, multi-chain insurance, IDO cover, and etc. These will be announced regularly and our roadmap updated accordingly.

Social Media Platforms

We will expand our existing social media reach through various airdrop and other incentivized campaigns, but also open up new channels including a new Facebook Page and Youtube Channel amongst others.

Two of the most important parts of this will be a new blog on our website to drive SEO efforts and a highly focussed email marketing campaign.

Brand ambassadors:

We are identifying and contracting key influencers as brand ambassadors with appropriate incentives for them to promote InsurAce to their followers.

Multi-language and Transcriptions

All marketing will be translated into key languages… English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Korea, and etc.

Advertising Spend

Advertising budgets have been approved. This will see us advertised across key social media platforms and crypto media sites in the coming months.


We have spoken to partners, investors, and media about getting onto podcasts as well as sponsorship options. We may even launch our own podcast as a form of communicating company updates which will also be released as a video and transcribed into a blog post.


One of our core new campaigns is a highly developed Affiliates and Referrals program. Details of this will be released in two weeks\’ time. It will allow existing users to generate a unique referral link to bring in new users in exchange for a commission on premiums sold.


We are pleased to be kicking off our new marketing campaign with a Flash Airdrop via a Telegram Bot. Details of which can be found in our Telegram channel from the 10th May at 10am EST.

A series of Airdops will continue throughout 2021. Details will be published in DeFi calendars in the coming two weeks.

Meme Contests

Towards the end of May, we will launch our inaugural Meme contest. So start thinking about that now! Prizes are in $INSUR tokens.

PR, SEO, Marketing Agencies

We will be working with some of the leading agencies in crypto to build our brand and promote it across various news websites, journalists, KOLs, Influencers, Advertising campaigns, and develop our SEO.

Annoyingly these haven’t been confirmed just yet as we hash out the best deal, but very soon we will be announcing these exciting partners to help drive our marketing efforts globally.

Our influencer strategy is to focus on smaller influencers that have a strong community of followers that completely understand DeFi and a large percentage of which are likely to have large stakes in DeFi.

Our focus is building real value in InsurAce, not just hype.

Media List & Journalists

We’ve built a list of over 600 media personnel, journalists, and influencers in crypto that we can reach out to.

Leveraging investors and partners

We will be speaking to all of our investors, and partners to further enhance our network to build new partnerships, find solutions to technical problems and build new products. This will help us scale much faster. Our list of potential partners through this network reaches over 300 potential partners.

DeFi calendars

We will be publishing our events on as many calendars as possible. Including AirdropAlert and Airdrops, ICOCountdown, ICObench, CoinMarketCal, and Coindar.

Exchange Listings

We continue our efforts to open more liquidity options on major DEXs and get listed on more key CEXs as well.

Multi Chain & Bridges

We are developing protocols for other chains such as BSC, Heco, Polkadot, Polygon, Solana, and etc., as well as working with partners to build bridges between chains.

Reviews, Surveys, and Referral program

We will now be pushing our community to give us reviews on any platform they can.

We will be using surveys to get feedback on our products.

And Referrals to incentivise the continued growth of our network, products, and token price.

In the initial months of the plan, we will be offering high percentage rebates on premium purchases through InsurAce. This will incentivise more users to cover their protocols with InsurAce. This will start with 100% rebates for a short amount of time, before decreasing to 60%, then 30%, then 15% rebates each month respectively.

We may do similar incentives from time to time with select partners.

Networking events and conferences

Come and find us at Bitcoin2021 in Miami, Token 2049, Blockchain World Forum, Consensus, and every online event this year.

Website, Conversions, and Retentions

We will be making continuous updates to our website to improve our customer conversion and retention. By listening to feedback from the community and consistently delivering new products we will become the industry leaders and hold our competitive advantage for years to come.

Team Additions

Dan has just joined as the Director of Business Development and Marketing

We will be bringing on a full-time social media manager

Our team of 6 expert Community Managers are already doing a fantastic job across our channels.

We may bring in a dedicated sales manager

We may begin an Internship program for Marketing & Business development


Dan will host an AMA on this Marketing plan at 9pm EST on the 10th May 2021. The questions and answers will be added to this article afterwards.

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