attends PBWS, the flagship event of Paris Blockchain Week, Europe’s BIGGEST blockchain conference. teamed up with Hacken, Okra Finance and Balancer for our latest and most valuable DeFi retreat to date.

Last week, we attended PBWS in Paris, France. This event attracted more than 3000 delegates, 70 sponsors, 250 speakers and over 100 media organizations. This event brought together some of the brightest minds in the world of blockchain and web3.

Understanding the importance of having a presence at such an enormous exhibition, we teamed up with our partners to provide a safe space for those with (or without!) tickets to the main event. We collaborated with Hacken, Okra Finance and Balancer to provide both attendees and locals without a ticket but a passion for the technology with a place to co-work, network and also relax.

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The event was a roaring success. Those who registered turned up in numbers and took advantage of the incredible space that we organized at the beautiful Le Preaumur Restaurant. This restaurant was situated only a short walking distance from the main PBWS attractions.

Our attendance at this event was also a valuable opportunity to connect further with current partners and members of our ecosystem. The likes of Binance, Bybit, Huobi, NEAR and many others exhibited and we were able to form a deeper connection in person and also share each other’s progress since our last encounters. 

As per our marketing strategy in 2022, we will be attending more events, while also continuing to create side events with partners to ensure that our brand and our project are being noticed. Safe Spaces provide a more intimate environment to showcase the necessity of DeFi insurance for ALL digital asset holders.

This week, we’re currently attending DevConnect in Amsterdam. This is another huge opportunity for us and we’ve created several side events to cater for different professionals within the industry. If you are attending, we’ll be tweeting about it daily! If not, don’t worry, our RECAP blog will be live shortly after.

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