attend the biggest Avalanche event of 2022 in Barcelona sent team members to Avalanche Summit 2022 as part of their roadmap strategy to learn, develop and market deeper to the DeFi community.  

Taking place from March 22nd to March 27th, The Avalanche Summit 2022 was a conference for developers, researchers and makers building on Avalanche to learn about the latest platform updates and to meet like-minded innovators who are creating the next-gen apps on Web3.  

This was also an opportunity for to see some of their partners in action. Platypus, for example, was an official Summit Partner. We were able to visit their booth, converse with their team in person and network within their community. While other partners, such as Bobby from CoinGecko and Yevhenia from Hacken used their speaking opportunities to highlight the power of the industry and showcase the successful work they’ve undertaken over the last few years.  

The event was attended in large numbers and and Hacken decided to take advantage by hosting another Safe Space together. Following on from the success of the Safe Spaces at Solana Breakpoint in Portugal and ETH Denver in the U.S. and the Sunset Cruise in Brazil, both companies teamed up again, with the addition of Cook Finance, to create a Safe Space at La Foixarda, a stunning Catalan restaurant situated directly in front of the main dome at the event.  

Starting on Wednesday, the restaurant was hired out to provide event delegates with an opportunity to co-work, network, meet like-minded individuals and grab a bite to eat. Despite the unusual wet weather Barcelona had to offer, our mini event was a success on all 3 consecutive days. The side event was also opened up to other partners, providing opportunities and safe places for other projects to showcase their visions. H.E.R. DAO used the space on Friday for more intimate sit-downs.  

The side event with Hacken reached full capacity on all three days. opened its doors and marketed to over 700 email registrants. It was a unique opportunity to further progress and educate web3 innovators about the need for DeFi insurance and to share some of our upcoming plans, particularly with v2 being only around the corner.  

Our team were able to conduct meetings at this space and meet various connections. Ranging from investors such as LongHash Ventures to big organizations such as YieldYak, Alchemy, Republic, Wyre and 1inch (and so many more!). Our CMO, Dan also took the opportunity to meet Emin from Avalanche directly. 

The Safe Space was also a fantastic opportunity to conduct podcasts and interviews in person, some of which will be released in due course.  

We felt really honoured to be able to co-organize this event with Hacken, founded in 2017 in Kyiv, considering the recent catastrophic global events. We were happy to support them during this challenging time and Hacken was able to use our Safe Space platform to raise awareness of their cyber army. 

Due to the vast interest in the event, and Hacken welcomed so many people that eventually the restaurant ran out of food options. There is no bigger indicator of success than “selling out”.  

The team also took advantage of the various other mini events that other major projects were hosting. The team split up to perfect their presence and attended different side events such as “Chainlink Happy Hour”, “EMDX Welcome Party” and our partner Trader Joe’s “Fren Party”. These events, hosted by others, allowed us to further expand our network and introduce to new eyes and ears.  

Following the success of this event, some team members have flown over to Dubai for Binance’s big blockchain week event. This event was imperative for the team, particularly given the news that has been incubated in the BNB Chain Most Valuable Builder program. 

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