InsurAce at Prague Blockchain Week, Central Europe’s Premier Blockchain Conference

Written by Andrej Sazonov

Last week, InsurAce embarked on an exciting adventure during Prague Blockchain Week, an energetic event that attracted developers and web3 enthusiasts from around the globe. Brimming with a variety of events, presentations, announcements, and networking opportunities, we found ourselves deeply involved in the vibrant world of cryptocurrency. Join us as we unfold the highlights of our active week in the crypto domain.

Our Chief Marketing Officer, Dan Thomson, was a continual presence throughout the event, diving into the innovative trends and insights coming from the crypto industry. He went beyond the main conferences, participating in a series of engaging side events led by influential figures in the crypto and DeFi communities, such as PWN, Lens, and Aave. Key gatherings that Dan attended included the Cosmos Gateway, Polkadot Prague, and the prestigious ETH Prague.

The week started with the captivating Cosmos Gateway organized by RockawayX. Here, we began a cosmic exploration, examining the potential of immersing ourselves in the thriving Cosmos ecosystem. At the Cosmos Gateway, InsurAce forged valuable partnerships, sparking interesting conversations with industry leaders like the Axelar, Osmosis, and Agoric teams. Our discussions covered future strategies, integrations, and groundbreaking product ideas, as we connected with luminaries from the Cosmos ecosystem, including Zaki Manian from Sommelier, Jake Hartnell from Juno, and Yaz Khoury from Celestia.

Following the cosmic journey, we eagerly entered the dynamic world of Polkadot Prague. Embracing the transformative potential of Polkadot, we acknowledged its capacity to bring about positive change. The conference was a hub for visionaries united by a shared goal: building a brighter, interconnected future. Our participation in Polkadot Prague gave us an invaluable opportunity to engage with interesting projects like HydraDX, Astar, Pendulum, and more.

ETH Prague was a memorable experience, leaving a lasting mark on our journey. The conference itself was full of energy, featuring booths from Near, Optimism, Starkware, Lens, Aave, and many other well-known players. The speaker lineup included senior members of the Ethereum Foundation and globally respected crypto experts like Ethereum’s creator Vitalik Buterin, Stani Kulechov from Aave, Tim Beiko from the Ethereum Foundation, Nicolas Consigny from Ledger, and more. Our team engaged in fruitful discussions, connecting with a diverse group of individuals and organizations, from notable investors like RockawayX to influential entities like ZKSync, Gnosis, Sroll, Taiko, and others. Notably, our Business Development team had the chance to directly meet Vitalik Buterin from the Ethereum Foundation—an encounter that was truly significant. This year’s ETH Prague focused on crucial areas such as ZK, rollups, LSD, L2, Cross chain bridges, CBDs, Censorship, and more.

Prague Blockchain Week proved to be an inspiring experience for InsurAce, allowing us to form connections with like-minded enthusiasts, share innovative ideas, and stay on top of blockchain and cryptocurrency advancements. We eagerly look forward to future opportunities to take part in such enriching events that promote innovation and collaboration.

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