InsurAce RoadMap Update 2022  

When we launched in November 2020, we created a Roadmap, with lofty targets that seemed ‘too ambitious’ at the time. But now, barely 2 years later, we have achieved the majority of objectives that we set, right on time. And the others, we surpassed them significantly.  

Why Have We Updated the RoadMap?  

We have updated the 2022 InsurAce roadmap for 3 crucial reasons:  

Reaching for New Highs — the first reason is to set new objectives. Since the team has achieved and surpassed many of our existing targets, it has become necessary to move the goalposts much further. This would help us eschew complacency and consolidate on our status as an industry leader in the DeFi Coverage space. 

Implementing Community Feedback — The second reason is to realign our goals to match the needs and clamor of the community. Over the last few months, we have not only enhanced our products, built our platform, but our community of active users and partners has grown with us as well. We now have 100,000+ members/users spread across every continent and 50+ active partnerships with other projects. As a fully-decentralized platform that is community-driven, it is therefore imperative that we update our goals to accommodate the interests, opinions and ideas of our growing community.  

Goal Realignment — Lastly, the blockchain industry is arguably the most dynamic industry in the world. In such a fast changing industry, it’s not uncommon for goals that were set 2 years ago to seem quite antiquated today.  

Hence, this new roadmap has been updated to accommodate the markets and industry changes and enable our platform to remain relevant and stay ahead of the innovation curve.  

What Changes Have Been Made to the InsurAce RoadMap?  

Following an eventful and hugely successful Q2 2022, here are the changes that we have made to the new roadmap. This new roadmap contains a list of objectives and metrics that we aim to achieve for the rest of the year.  

Q3 2022 July – September. 

Our ambitious plan for Q2 2022 will see us achieve the following landmarks between July September.  

Key Metrics Target  

  • 150+ protocols listed  
  • $3 million accumulated premium in Sales 
  • $500 million in Accumulated Cover value 
  • $50 million in Total Value Locked (TVL). 



  • List New Cover Products.  
  • Partner With a TradFi Insurance Company. 

Ecosystem Growth  

  • Community Development  
  • Active User Growth  
  • New Partnerships 


  • New Fundraising round.  
  • Team Expansion 

Q4 2022 — October – December. 

And to round off the year 2022 we aim to attain the following objectives: 

Key Metrics Target  

  • 200+ protocols listed  
  • $5 million accumulated premium in Sales 
  • $750 million in Accumulated Cover value 
  • $100 million in Total Value Locked (TVL). 


  • List New Cover Products.  
  • Create Investment Arm  
  • Create InsurAce Marketplace 

Ecosystem Growth  

  • New Chain Deployment 
  • New listing on top exchanges 
  • Others  
  • Implementation of new v2 Tokenomics.  

Final Words 

We are excited and optimistic for the second half of the year. Even as the blockchain industry continues to grapple with the extended bear market, at InsurAce, the team, we have put plans in place to fundraise and expand our team as we continue to BUIDL actively — like the rest of the sustainable and resilient DeFi world. 

To keep track of our progress, make sure you follow all our various social channels. And as a community-driven platform, your opinion and votes always count. So, if you have any comments, feedback  or suggestions, feel free to mention it in any of our official public channels. 

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