Elephant Money Payout Announcement

Following the recent vote and decision on the Elephant Money case, we are happy to release information on how eligible users can claim their payouts.  

For users who are eligible for direct payout, kindly withdraw your payout on the My Claims (https://app.insurace.io/Dashboard#myClaims) page. 

For users who are eligible for swap payout. Kindly connect your wallet to BSC network and swap your TRUNK on your individual claim page (from https://app.insurace.io/Claims/Claims select your claim) before the deadline shown on the claim page. 

Note the swap deadline will be 7 days from now. 

If you have any issues with any of the above steps, or have any questions about the Elephant Money case, please reach out to our team on telegram (t.me/insurace_protocol), or our discord (https://discord.gg/vCZMjuH69F

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