and Saber confirm official strategic partnership and Saber are pleased to announce a long-term partnership focused on security.

After the recent news that listed Saber on their dApp, both companies have now confirmed their official partnership.

Saber is an automated market maker and liquidity pool built on Solana. It has been designed for extremely efficient trading between pegged assets without opportunity cost. The trading activity results in fees for providers of liquidity and as a result, safer, low-risk staking opportunities are produced representing real-world transaction volume.

Saber specializes in three specific types of assets:

  1. USD stablecoins: such as USDC, USDT as well as native Solana stablecoins such as Cashio
  2. Bridged assets: There are a large number of bridges that lead to Solana. Saber is the primary liquidity source to exchange between the different bridged assets.
  3. Staking derivatives: Saber is the largest venue for trading SOL staking derivatives such as Marinade SOL and Lido SOL.

Due to the nature of Saber and the ever-growing need for DeFi insurance, their team was extremely keen to form a strategic partnership with Saber users are able to purchase insurance protection for their digital assets kept on Saber through the dApp:

“We’ve been aware of Saber for a while. Our teams have worked closely to close this partnership and bring further security to user assets. We are impressed at the growth rate of the project and its commitment to both community and new users. We believe that partnerships like this will be a huge deterrent for those attempting to compromise smart contracts.” Oliver Xie, Founder,

This partnership also strengthens’s coverage on the Solana network.

Full terms and conditions of the cover provided to Saber users can be found here:

About Saber :

Saber enables seamless cross-chain liquidity exchange for stable pairs. Supporting assets from Solana, Ethereum, BSC, Terra, Avalanche, Polygon, Celo, and more.

It is a misconception that Saber is competing with general AMMs and orderbooks. They are not the same and go after different markets.

Saber is meant to be a place for low risk staking on large transaction volume. It encourages high volume by having the best pricing for swaps (encouraging arbitrage bots to trade), and it is extremely composable with other DeFi applications on Solana, reducing the opportunity cost for otherwise low yields.

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About is a decentralized multi-chain insurance protocol, to empower the risk protection infrastructure for the DeFi community. offers portfolio-based insurance products with optimized pricing models to substantially lower the cost; launches insurance investment functions with flexible underwriting mining programs to create sustainable returns for the participants, and provides coverage for cross-chain DeFi projects to benefit the whole ecosystem.

At the time of writing, has provided coverage to 114+ protocols, safeguarding over $257M DeFi assets on 16+ public chains. is backed by DeFiance Capital, Parafi Capital, Alameda Research, Hashkey Group, Huobi DeFi Labs, Hashed, IOSG, Signum Capital, Long Hash Ventures and a dozen of other top funds.

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