InsurAce Launches Rinkeby Test-net & Welcomes Users to Give Suggestions and Split a $10,000 Prize…

☂️ InsurAce Test-net is now LIVE on Rinkeby! 🚀 Users can now give a trial of the InsurAce system!

With the testnet launch, users can now experience our cover & staking services. Featuring wallet-based accessibility, portfolio-based product design, cross-chain protocols coverages, flexible and easily accessible product, InsurAce now officially presents you our test-net version and welcomes all users to get a Test Drive and share your opinions on our product.

To celebrate the launch of InsurAce test-net and gather wisdom from our great community for continuous enhancements of our product, we hereby set up a Prize Pool of $10,000 of INSUR tokens to be split by all the participants and users who give the best suggestions after trying our product!

Enter the event here!👇

Soon, we will be also holding InsurAce Bug Bounty Program with Bigger Rewards! Stay tuned😎

Test-net User Tutorial

InsurAce platform is now live on test net. Please refer to the below tips to prepare for the testing.

  • Click the “Launch App” at the upper right corner of the homepage, you will be directed to the app page.

Connect the wallet

  • Make sure you are connected to Rinkeby Test Network.
  • How to get test Ether on Rinkeby: make a twitter post containing your Ethereum address and paste the URL of the tweet on Rinkeby Authenticated Faucet.
  • How to get test DAI on Rinkeby: connect to Compound Finance App via Rinkeby test net, click on DAI under supply market section and press the FAUCET button at the bottom of pop up window to get 100 test DAI.

Buy cover on InsurAce app

  • Make sure the right wallet is connected to InsurAce App.
  • Go to “Buy Covers” and select the items you wish to buy cover on
  • Enter the cover amount and cover period for each item, then press “GET QUOTE” to see the portfolio-based premium price.
  • Click “Pay” (for ETH)/ “Approve” (for DAI or any other ERC20 token) to proceed withe the purchase of covers in the cart.
  • You may check your purchased cover status under “Active Covers” and “Expired Covers”.

Make Claim on InsurAce App

  • Go under “Insurance” → “Active Covers” / “Expired Covers”, view the purchased covers.
  • Press “CLAIM” button on the contract if a claimable event happens.
  • In the pop up window, enter the claim details and pay for the claim application.
  • Once a claim is submitted, you may check the status under “Claims” panel.

Claim Assessor

Stake your INSUR tokens to become a claim assessor, place your verdicts on the claim requests based on the reference reports provided by the Advisory Board, and earn INSUR tokens as rewards.

To read case report or conduct assessment on review-in-process, go to “Claims” page:

Click view to participate in review and voting:

Staking Service

By participating in Staking Pools, you help supply capital to the pool for claims and investments.

You will earn INSUR real time from the moment the stake is placed. We currently support ETH and DAI staking only. Support to more suitable tokens will be added in future.

Enjoy your test drive and feel free to ask any questions that you have in InsurAce Telegram, Discord and InsurAce Forum!

About InsurAce

InsurAce is a decentralized insurance protocol, aiming to provide reliable, robust and carefree DeFi insurance services to the DeFi users, with very low premium and sustainable investment returns. InsurAce’s highlights include “0” Premium, Enriched Product Line, SCR Mining and Sustainable Return. InsurAce’s mission is to redefine DeFi insurance and protect users from security risks with user-friendly product accessibility and capital efficiency.

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