Community Update: China Regulations

Dear Community,

Due to the regulation changes in China lately, we have made some changes to our project to segregate and/or mitigate the risks and make sure we’re fully compliant for the long term development of the project.

  1. Our website, forum and dAPP have been blocked for IPs from mainland China, VPN might be needed when accessing our website if you are there.
  2. All our communities, dialogues on WeChat have been migrated to telegram.
  3. All collaborations with China-based projects, agencies, communities will be suspended until further notice.

Nevertheless, we expect little impact to our products and services for the above changes, since our user group is quite global as shown in the diagram below.

Just last Friday, we launched our Stablecoin De-Peg Covers and Bundled Covers, which are very well recognized by the market. We got around $8M of new covers just over the weekends, which adds our cover amount to approximately $80M and premium to $450K in total respectively.

So far, we have deployed to 3 chains (Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche is coming in 2 weeks), supported insurance for over 80 protocols on 8+ chains, protected $80M DeFi assets with month-on-month growth, which make us the most aggressive DeFi insurance protocol in the market. ( )

With our fundamentals continuously enhanced, we are also working hard to get listed on new tier-1 global exchanges apart from Huobi Global in Q4. Please stay confident and keep supporting us.

Feel free to let us know if you have any issues.


InsurAce Team

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