InsurAce is now LIVE on PancakeSwap

After much anticipation from our community, we’re pleased to confirm our official collaboration with PancakeSwap. We appreciate the trust from the PancakeSwap community who successfully voted through our INSUR-BNB farm and Syrup pool. is delighted to announce that it has partnered with PancakeSwap, creating two pools for users to stake and farm. Please take note that APR % may change.

The $INSUR-BNB Farm is officially live and can be accessed here

Stake $CAKE and Earn $INSUR through the Syrup pool here

APR will drop as liquidity increases.

“I’m very happy to be able to announce this news today. I would like to thank the PancakeSwap community for their trust in ourselves by successfully voting this through. This is a very exciting and crucial step for to develop deeper into the Binance ecosystem.” Oliver Xie, Founder,

As a result of this collaboration, has created a shortcut in their dApp:

As well as a special banner on the homepage to help new users find the pool:

These two features will make it easier for users to take advantage of these great rewards.

Additionally, has created an in-depth user guide to give users a step-by-step guide for staking and farming. Instructing you through staking in the Syrup pool, allowing you to earn $INSUR, and farming in the INSUR-BNB pool from adding liquidity to staking the LP token to INSUR-BNB farm.

This guide offers pictorial walkthroughs with instructions on what to do at each stage. This can be found here

About is a decentralized multi-chain insurance protocol, to empower the risk protection infrastructure for the DeFi community. offers portfolio-based insurance products with optimized pricing models to substantially lower the cost; launches insurance investment functions with flexible underwriting mining programs to create sustainable returns for the participants; and provides coverage for cross-chain DeFi projects to benefit the whole ecosystem.

At the time of writing, has provided coverage to 91+ protocols, safeguarding over $197M DeFi assets on 14+ public chains. is backed by DeFiance Capital, Parafi Capital, Alameda Research, Hashkey group, Huobi DeFiLabs, Hashed, IOSG, Signum Capital, LongHash Ventures and a dozen of other top funds.

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