— Our 2022 Roadmap are delighted to share their plans for 2022 via an updated roadmap. 2022 roadmap is here.

2021 was an incredible year for! The development of the project has gone from strength to strength with each month that passed.

A lot of these achievements can be found via our updated ecosystem. Without our community, supporters and partners, none of this would’ve been possible.

We released our Roadmap in December and this blog covers our plans for the next 12 months. Bookmark and save this page, let us know your thoughts and keep track of the various things anticipated to ensure that we achieve them.

Q1–1st Quarter 2022:

Our ambitious plan for Q1 will see us achieve the following landmarks:

  • 100+ products listed on our dApp
  • $300m accumulative covered value
  • $2m accumulative premium in sales

Along with these figures, we also plan to:

  • Set up a well thought out and strategic PR campaign — “2022 year of DeFi insurance Launch” and to highlight the launch of new insurance products.
  • Launch the new insurance products previously mentioned.
  • Release the InsurAce v2 whitepaper and development of the product.

The plans for InsurAce v2 include:

  • Updated tokenomics, including token buyback and burn, and incentives for long-term holders
  • Updated underwriting and claim model to minimize impact to staked funds
  • Multi-chain aggregator
  • Updated branding
  • Launch of multi-chain aggregator and deploy to new EVM chains

Q2–2nd Quarter 2022:

Moving into the second quarter, we aim to achieve:

  • Updated branding which will include a new website and app
  • Launch of new models in v2
  • Membership and loyalty program release for token holders.
  • Token buyback and burn executions
  • New listing on top exchanges
  • Community development and user growth
  • Team expansion

Q3–3rd Quarter 2022:

The second half of the year, we have forecasted a big growth and we aim to fulfil the following figures:

  • 150+ products listed
  • $500m accumulative covered value
  • $4m accumulative premium in sales
  • $150m in TVL

Along with this, we hope to finalise:

  • A partnership with TradFi insurance company for re-insurance
  • New fundraising rounds for greater development
  • New insurance products added
  • New chain deployments
  • Further community development and user growth

Q4–4th Quarter 2022

The final quarter of 2022 should bring some key achievements through all the hard work dedicated throughout the year. This includes:

  • 200+ products listed
  • $1B accumulative covered value
  • $6m accumulative premium in sales
  • $200m in TVL
  • New insurance products
  • New chain deployments
  • New listing on top exchanges

As mentioned in our roadmap, we have a huge focus on creating and innovating new products. Here is a rundown of the expected insurance products that we plan to release in 2022:

  • Cover cancellation
  • Cross chain bridge insurance
  • Full protocol cover
  • NFT insurance
  • Rug pull coverage
  • Private key loss covers
  • Exchangeable / transferrable covers
  • Wallet insurance
  • Membership insurance for token holders — “Innovation Zone Coverage” (Cover any DeFi protocol on any chain)
  • Insurance marketplace (Similar to an OTC marketplace)
  • Insurance for metaverse
  • Market volatility covers

We hope that you are as excited as we are for the year ahead. To keep track and to follow our project thoroughly, make sure you follow all our various social channels.

We also love feedback and we believe your opinion matters. If you have any comments or you think we’ve missed something, feel free to mention it in our public channels.

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