We are UPLIFTED with this new partnership!

Uplift DAO and InsurAce.io have formed a strategic partnership to protect IDO launches on the Uplift launchpad.  

We’ve got some Uplifting news for our community. We’ve made a new partnership with one of the most exciting IDO launchpads in DeFi today. There is a disruptive opportunity in the market for a launchpad platform and crowdfunding community that combines the mindset of long-term backing with the power of a large global community of real backers. UpLift is that solution. 

UpLift launchpad, which is backed by the LIFT utility token, is positioned to become a leading platform for disruptive projects and retail investors to come together. 

Opening up prospects for long-term gains, the UpLift platform provides possibilities to become fully immersed in the project life-cycle — from its inception until the highest-level goals are achieved. The UpLift community has set out to foster sustainable growth of the projects incubated on the platform and seek long-term investment opportunities.  

Why UpLift is an attractive launchpad for emerging projects: 

  • Community has a long-term mindset, committed to holding the project tokens and not selling them too quickly in the open market 
  • Council members, and community, are committed to 3 phases with each project: incubate the pre-launch momentum, facilitate the official launch, and accelerate the post-launch growth 
  • Community is more than just financial contributors, they understand how to promote and bring exposure to projects in the open market 
  • Community spans over 80 countries, creating global exposure for each project we back 
  • Cross-chain platform able to support projects tokens on any platform 

Uplift helps projects through Incubation, Launch, and Acceleration to achieve their goals and grow fast in crypto.  

The UpLift IDO model allows for a more accessible token allocation providing a wide range of opportunities for asset management, lower costs for listing, as well as equal opportunities for enrollment.  

Running on the Binance Smart Chain, UpLift facilitates cost-efficient and secure launchpad space fostering uninhibited influx of new participants. 

InsurAce.io has committed to working with these emerging projects to offer coverage for their IDO event to protect users against exploits during these delicate events. InsurAce.io is one of the only DeFi risk protection protocols to offer IDO cover.  

“We’re excited to be working with Uplift, it’s a great project, helping many new high growth startups to get established in the space. InsurAce is here to make crypto safter for everyone and that should extend to all levels in the ecosystem, not just focus on the most established entities. We’re proud to be able to add this support and protect users during IDO events.” Oliver Xie, Founder InsurAce.io 

Coverage for specific IDO events will be announced in advance for both communities to be able to have enough time to arrange cover. We hope to grow our partnership further with Uplift in our future.  

About Uplift:  

UpLift IDOs drive the community incentives to back the projects incubated on the platform. UpLift IDO will be conducted in two rounds: exclusive and open. 

IDO Timeline 

  • Preparation – project agreed to launch IDO on UpLift. Necessary preparations are being made by the team. 
  • Whitelisting – IDO registration becomes available for the interested participants 
  • Presale – IDO starts.  
  • TGE – IDO ends. Purchased tokens and LIFT referral rewards can be claimed. Tokens become publicly tradable on DEX. 


Projects have a limited allocation of tokens that they want to sell during IDO. Whitelisting is used to calculate the amount of people that want to participate in IDO. The more people register the harder it is to win a lottery. 

In order to meet basic whitelisting requirements, a user needs to have a minimum required amount of Staking Power and pass the KYC procedure. 

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About InsurAce.io   

InsurAce.io is a leading decentralized multi-chain protocol that provides reliable, robust and secure risk protection services to DeFi users, allowing them to protect their investment funds against various risks.   

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