InsurAce Community Growth! – October launched on mainnet in April 2021 on the Ethereum Network and has since deployed to BNB Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche Networks.

Since then, our community has grown rapidly and become stronger than ever. After the UST De-Pegging event, people realized how profitable DeFi Protection was, and the InsurAce team worked hard daily to give users what they deserved, but also, a lot of changes came along with that.  

Even though the entire industry was passing through critical moments, InsurAce was there to help everyone, engage in important discussions with customers, and share valuable information every day about what was happening in the protocol. Our CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), Dan Thomson, spent more than 12 hours a day answering back-to-back all questions, being Twitter, Telegram, and Discord the most active platforms, and, despite being moments of huge tension, everything was worth it when customers end up satisfied and recommending the services provided.

We are proud to share with all our users the significant growth of our main channels compared with the last month:  
September: 42,816 Followers  
October: 43,149 Followers
↑ 333 new! 

September: 685 Followers
October: 712 Followers
↑ 27 new! 


September: 4,344
October: 4,446

↑ 102 new! 

Let’s make web3 safer together!

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