This is the SINGLE most exciting partnership of all!

Another Partnership is secured! This time round, we welcome Single Finance onboard. 

Single Finance offers capital-protecting strategies in USD on a super intuitive platform where you can view your DeFi investments within your fingertips 👆 

These innovative capital-protecting strategies and sophisticated historical performance metrics are being offered by Single Finance: 

  • Single-Click Strategies 
  • Automated Bots 
  • LP Time Machine 
  • Multi-Chain Support 

Single Finance came about when one of the founders had suffered a bad experience with existing leveraged yield farming facilities. Together with other co-founders, they envisioned a new platform with high APY and maximum drawdown. 

With so many security breaches happening within the crypto space in recent times, has partnered up with Single Finance to provide a safer trading environment for all. Users now have the option to purchase our Smart Contract Cover on our dAPP to get coverage for themselves against hacks, bugs, and exploits for Single Finance. 

Our partnership is just getting started. With the recent AMA held in Single Finance’s community behind us, we are looking to place more efforts in engaging and educating DeFi users on the importance of security. 

Ultimately, we believe that Insurance should be easily accessible and affordable to everyone. With these partnerships, we are one step closer to attaining it. 

“We’re ecstatic to announce this fantastic collaboration with Single Finance. We’ll work together to ensure that more crypto users are safeguarded, and we’ll see what other cooperation we can form in the future to make this industry safer as a whole. We’ve had a great time working with the team so far, and we’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds.” – Oliver Xie, Founder, 

About Single Finance: 

Single Finance is a super intuitive platform to all your DeFi investments minimizing correlations to the general market. It is the first DeFi protocol offering USD-based capital-protecting strategies for leveraged yield farmers. Everything here is worked out from your injected capital in USD. Everything is visualized. And everything is within your fingertips.  

Single Finance serves as a DeFi 2.0 protocol by introducing automated strategies to everybody, amplifying the liquidity provided to the entire ecosystem.  

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About is a decentralized multi-chain insurance protocol, to empower the risk protection infrastructure for the DeFi community. offers portfolio-based insurance products with optimized pricing models to substantially lower the cost; launches insurance investment functions with flexible underwriting mining programs to create sustainable returns for the participants and provides coverage for cross-chain DeFi projects to benefit the whole ecosystem.     

At the time of writing, has provided coverage to 138+ protocols, safeguarding over $343M+ DeFi assets on 20+ public chains. is backed by DeFiance Capital, Parafi Capital, Alameda Research, Hashkey Group, Huobi DeFi Labs, Hashed, IOSG, Signum Capital, Long Hash Ventures and a dozen other top funds. 

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