UST De-Peg Claim Deadline Reminder

This blog post has been created to provide an additional reminder for our users who purchased UST De-Peg cover through and wish to submit their claim due to recent events over the last week.

UST De-Peg Information

On May 13th 2022, our TWAP price for UST losing its peg was triggered ($0.88), enabling eligible claims to be submitted for those who purchased cover.

For a background into the incident and to understand whether you’re eligible, please refer to our initial guide:

A list of the most commonly asked questions and our subsequent responses regarding this event can be found here:

A further update, including further information for stakers and policy holders can be found here:

Claim Deadline

The deadline for submitting a claim request and proof of loss is May 20th, 2022 23:59:59 UTC.

Late submission will be rejected without further appeal.

Eligible claimers should send the full amount of UST wishing to claim to the wallet used to purchase cover ASAP.

These funds should be kept in that wallet without removal.

We will take a snapshot of the UST balance 1 day before the voting starts. We will announce the date for voting in due course.

Any amount transferred after this date will not be counted. (For locked UST, we will arrange a delayed payout).

Additional Information

For information on how to make a claim, please refer to this document: How to Make a Claim

For information on voting, please refer to this document: Information on Voting

We now have dedicated Discord servers for both Claims and Stakers. Join the discussion or ask further questions here:

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