InsurAce x Binance Blockchain Week Recap

The last week of March saw the arrival of the first Binance event, Binance Blockchain Week in Dubai. This event coincided with ETH Dubai, as well as rounding out a month of crypto and blockchain events in the UAE city. 

Dubai is fast becoming a global powerhouse with regard to crypto adoption, having recently announced the issuance of a license for Binance and the relocation of Binance’s headquarters to the city. 

As the first DeFi insurance protocol to deploy to BNB Chain and as a part of the BNB Chain Most Valuable Builder IV program, we didn’t want to miss out. 

Our CMO, Dan Thomson was in attendance for the duration of the event, attending the conference, as well as a series of side events hosted by some of the leading names in crypto and DeFi. 

The conference itself had exhibits from BNB Chain, Elrond Network, Pancakeswap, 1inch, Coin98, and Trust Wallet to name a few. As well as speakers from Binance’s senior team, and an international selection of globally renowned crypto speakers like Eric Turner from Messari, Eric Zhang from Dora Hacks, Lucien Todea from Elrond, Ryan Foo from Delphi Digital, Sandeep Naiwal from Polygon, and many others. 

Side events were hosted by 1Inch, Morningstar Ventures & Elrond, Syscoin, Metamask, Alchemy, Chainlink, and Polygon at some iconic venues including the Burk Khalifa and Burj Al Arab. One very special VIP party at the Burj al Arab hosted by Binance stands out amongst the rest. 

InsurAce met some great new partners, got to talk with the BNB Chain team, discussed future strategies and integrations as well as product ideas with some of the leading minds in crypto, and got to hang out with some of the senior Binance team to talk about how the ecosystem will be developing in the future. 

Overall the event was a great success for Binance, and we’re looking forward to their future developments as well as events and conferences. 

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